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Tile flooring has a timeless attraction and can offer designs that are simple or ones that are as unique as each homeowner. Because tile is water-resistant, ceramic, porcelain or stone tile flooring give a home long-wearing durability. This is especially true in kitchens and bathrooms where there is moisture, or high-traffic areas such as family or recreation rooms where spills and stains might be more likely. If you’re looking to install tile flooring in your home, find a local flooring store with experts and installers that help you get the right tile flooring for your specific needs.

choosing tile flooring

Step 1 – Choosing the Tile Flooring For Your Needs
Different types of tiles and tile brands can have many properties. Some are best for indoor use only, and some offer frost-proof properties that enable them to be installed indoors or outdoors. Both casual and formal settings can benefit from the right choice of tile. From glazed to unglazed finishes, from rustic to contemporary styles, you can find a porcelain, slate or terra cotta tile to suit your needs. Because tile is so versatile, you can create patterns throughout your home created especially by you. Our professional installers can give you advice about texture and shade variations, as well as to recommend fixtures that match your new tile.

remove existing floor

Step 2 – Remove the Existing Flooring
Before you can lay your tile, you have to empty the room. You might have to remove the refrigerator or toilet as you work. Removing carpet or layer after layer of vinyl can take a lot of work and will produce a lot of trash. Hiring our local experts to install your tile flooring means that they will take care of this step for you.

installing cement boards on subfloor

Step 3 – Installing Cement Boards on the Sub-Floor
Because thinset doesn’t bond well with plywood, a sub-floor isn’t recommended as a starting place for tile installation. Cement board adds an additional step to your tile installation, but it is integral to providing a solid substrate for your tile. Because the cement found in mortar and grout contains serious chemicals, safety gear is required. Make sure to do your research and protect yourself with safety equipment.

placing the tiles

Step 4 – Placing the Tiles
Most tile should be started from the center of a room, creating a pleasing aesthetic appearance. Doing a “dry” layout allows you to see how your tile will look. Don’t forget to include the spacers as you work. Too much thinset spread at once will harden and become difficult to work with successfully. Spacers must be used carefully so that thinset can press up between the tiles. Tiles laid against the edge of the room might need to be altered using a tile saw so that they fit. Cuts must be precise in order to achieve a seamless look at the edges. The tile should be allowed to dry overnight to set.

applying grout

Step 5 – Applying the Grout
After your tile has set, you’re ready to apply the grout. Some tile spacers are meant to be removed prior to grout application; some are meant to be left in place. Check with the manufacturer of your particular tile to know what’s recommended for you. Make sure to apply the grout evenly. The surface should be even and smooth. Excess grout should be removed with a sponge and finished with a damp cloth. Work in small areas, smaller than the space you worked with the thinset. Grout dries much faster and will set after only a few hours. Seal the grout after an appropriate time period, but don’t get the sealant on the tile itself.


Installing tile flooring has many potential pitfalls. Problems at any of the steps can affect the durability and function of your tile flooring.
Each tile purchase with installation from us at Flooring Canada comes with a lifetime installation warranty. If your tile flooring has a problem years down the road related to installation, we will make your flooring right again. With more than 500 locations nationwide and our Five Star Selection System, you can be sure that you’re in good hands when you’re choosing long lasting, durable tile that’s kid proof and pet proof for a home or a commercial space.
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