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Efficient Flooring Installation Services: Flooring Canada


At Flooring Canada, we take pride in the quality of our products, offering an exclusive catalog of flooring options made from the best quality flooring materials. To ensure the fullest potential of our products, we train and supervise all installers using the highest standards set forth in our Star Service program which include high quality, professionalism and the most efficient installation methods. We also offer a Lifetime Installation Guarantee!

Our flooring experts will take special care in your home during each stage of the process whether you’re performing a full scale installation project or just making home improvements to one room of the house. However, there are several things you can do to ensure a smooth, worry-free installation. These include moving furniture, breakables, removing wall hangings and addressing special concerns related to heating & electricity, old flooring, doors, furniture and appliances.

What's involved when installing new floors? The process is different based on the flooring type you choose and your existing floor, but all of our installation services begin with a free consultation room measure to help you calculate installation cost. These installation estimates can provide better insight into what flooring works best with your space and help you stay on budget. View our specific guides to understand some general costs and how to install before DIY, or hire our professional installers at a local store near you.